Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was ready to scream and cry last week. . .

Two weeks ago, my external hard drive crashed.  This was ok, since it was just my backup for all my files.   However, it did have all my digital scrapbooking stuff on it (and I do not have that on my computer because of the size of the files), so last week I took it to a local computer store to have the data backed up and put on a new external hard drive.  I also took the laptop in because lately it has been acting a little funny.  And, we had an older computer crash on us over a year ago.  A friend had told me it needed a new hard drive, so I thought I would take that in as well, so the kids could have their own computer to play on (and I wouldn't have to worry so much about it if something went wrong).  So, all three items were at the computer store--external hard drive, laptop, and older desktop computer.  I was ok with all of this because I still had my main computer that was a little over a year old.  And, all was good with that computer.

Then, last Wednesday night we had a little storm blow through.  There were several little power surges.  All was still ok; however, Friday morning I went to turn on my computer and nothing would happen.  NO power and it would not turn on at all.  I was still ok at this point because I figured that maybe it just had a bad power supply (we had that happen several years ago to another computer).  So, Friday morning, I took the computer in to the computer shop and had to pay a rush fee, so I could hopefully get the computer back that afternoon.  Well, I was not so lucky.  The computer guy called me that afternoon.  BAD News . . . My main business computer did not just have a bad power supply, but it also had a blown motherboard.  The laptop also had a bad motherboard that is about to go (that's why it acts up sometimes).  And, the old desktop that I wanted to fix for the kids had something else wrong.  Basically, all 3 computers were not worth repairing!  The external hard drive was ok and they could retrieve the data from it, but it would take a while because it gets hot and shuts down--so it's a slow process. 

The biggest issue is we desperately need a computer to run our business, and Saturdays I have to do payroll, and it's also near the end of the month (time for invoices).  We also need to respond to customer e-mails and requests.  Well, Friday afternoon we rushed out and bought 2 new computers--one for the business and one for a backup and that the kids can play on.  I then had to take the new computer to the computer shop so they could begin transferring the files from the old computer to the new computer.

We finally got the new computer back late Saturday afternoon.  And, then my work began.  I had to install all the programs (Microsoft Office, Publisher, Quickbooks, etc.), set up the printer and begin locating all the files to make sure everything got transferred.  I'm still searching for some stuff, but most everything appears to have transferred ok, it's just in a different folder than before.  I also had to upgrade our Quickbooks (more $) because our old 2009 isn't supported by Windows 7 (which is on the new computers).  And, I still haven't completed all the installs on the backup computer.

My biggest lesson in all of this is you need one of these!

We had our computers all on surge protectors; however, I have since learned that is not enough.  This is what most likely caused the motherboard and power supply to go.  You really need the battery backup.  So, when there are power surges or the power goes out, the battery backup goes to work and shuts down your computer safely for you.  And, I now recognize the importance of backup.  I was doing my part in that area, but now I think I want to backup my backup!

So. . .

FEES TO THE COMPUTER STORE - $650.00!!! (I could have bought a really NICE computer.)
2 NEW COMPUTERS - $950.00
TOTAL SPENT - $1800.00

But, my pictures of my children are safe, which is PRICELESS!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School 2011

We had a great first day of school this year.  Sterling started Kindergarten and Avery is in 4th grade.  We or "I" should say that I was ready.  We really needed to get back in a routine or regular schedule because with 3 kids and work, it's almost a necessity!

Sterling had a big growth spurt over the summer.  Now he looks so tall compared to the kids in his class.

The "3 Amigos"!

Such a big boy. . .I didn't think I was going to cry, but seeing him sitting in his chair and saying goodbye was hard, so I did have some tears!  :)

Here is Avery outside her classroom.  She is in a portable building, as is all of 4th grade.  When I walked into her portable, it reminded me so much of my 6th grade year, when I was in portables in Austin.  They even smelled the same and looked a little "old".  It is going to be different this year with her being in portables--they have to go inside for water and bathroom breaks.  But, she is thankful to have her friend, Taylor, in her class!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

San Antonio - August 2011

We made our 2nd trip to San Antonio for the summer.  This time we went with Juan's Mom and Dad and Juan's brother and his family.  We stayed at one of my favorite places.  On the day we arrived, I went to HEB and stocked the kitchen for the 3 days we were there.  We actually ended up not eating out, which Juan loved.  The only bummer was I had to cook, so not a totally relaxing vacation for me.

Ian would have been happy just to play in the sand all day!

He told me he made an egg.

SMORES!  Sterling really enjoyed them!!  Can you tell?

Ian only wanted to eat the marshmallow!

I guess I was not in a real picture taking mood on the vacation (maybe it was all the cooking).  I didn't end up with too many photos. :-)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hair Cuts

As summer is winding down, we are checking off our Back to School list and one of the items--Hair Cuts!  I had to post this picture of Ian.  This was the first time I took him to a "salon" and not the kiddie cut place where he would sit in a car or firetruck.  He was so serious the entire time.  He sat up very straight in the chair and hardly moved.  It was quite funny.  And, he was so proud to get his hair washed in the big sink.  He really looks like Sterling in this picture.

Summer Fun - Swim Lessons

Avery and Sterling have been taking swim lessons throughout the summer. 

Sterling is still very fearful of the water.  I'm not sure why--maybe we left him in floaties or the swim vest too long.  But, he sometimes panics in the water.  He is improving, but his progress has been slow.  These are not the greatest photos--taken with my phone and through the glass.

Avery has made great progress this summer; however, I think she would have done a little better had she had the same coach at every lesson.  But, I am confident now she can swim on her own, and I don't have to watch her every minute.  The only thing she needs to work on is her backstroke--she tires out a bit and has a hard time coordinating her arms and legs.  I need to get some pictures of her to post here. 

The summer is winding down, but Sterling and Avery both say they would like to continue swimming when school starts.

Baby Shower

I helped my mom give a baby shower.  And, I had to post a picture of this YUMMY cake from a local bakery.  It is a 10" cake that they say feeds 14-20--it's more like 50 (there are two layers).  They did a great job matching the cake to the invitation I made. 

Avery, Sterling & Ian had a great time playing at Gaga's house.  And, Sterling was SO proud of this slice of pizza his Pa bought him.  He carried it around most of the afternoon until it was finally eaten (by him and Ian).

Summer Fun - Making Bubble Gum

 After being cooped up in the house (due to the Strep Throat & Hand, Foot, & Mouth), the kids were bored.  So, I thought we try to make Bubble Gum with this kit we bought.

It was quite messy, but they really had a fun time making the gum.  It was pretty easy to make, but we only had one flavor (blueberry) that turned out tasty.  The rest were not so good.  And, we had the best luck just making gum balls. 

Avery even make little foil gum wrappers!

I like this photo.  WHAT IS THIS STUFF?

Sterling did help with the bubble gum, but left before I got a picture of him!
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