Monday, December 19, 2011

Nativity Scene

Our church asked families to make a Nativity Scene out of gingerbread. Well, this is mine. It is entirely made out of food, with a little help from a hot glue gun (to get everything to stand up and stay up).    I was lucky to find a cookie cutter set for the people and animals, but I did cut the manger myself. I made the gingerbread from scratch using a Southern Living's gingerbread recipe. Personally, I do not like gingerbread, so it did not taste that great to me (I think it's the molasses). I used crushed graham crackers for the dirt and dyed coconut for the hay.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Card - 2011

I made our Christmas card again this year.  I must have made about 15 different designs, but finally decided on this.  I even went back and forth on color photos, but decided the black and white looked best with the green and black.  Merry Christmas to All!

Checking out the Tree!

I love this picture of little Ian checking out the ornaments on the Christmas tree!

Avery - No more Top Braces

Avery got her top braces off this week. She was so excited. She does have a retainer now, and can't wait to get the bottom braces off, which will hopefully be in a couple of months.

Sterling's 6th Birthday Party

We celebrated Sterling's 6th birthday last weekend.  We always have the party a few weeks early since it falls so close to Christmas (his actual birthday is the 21st).

INDIVIDUAL S'MORES KITS - Excuse the crazy wire hangers--I should have taken those out for the picture!

The Cake!  He requested a BIG penguin cake.

Marshmallow Penguins - I did not make these, but stuck them on lollipop sticks.


This was one of the crafts.  Each child made an igloo.  This is very easy.  I used a styrofoam bowl and plate.  I went ahead and cut the "door" out.  Then they just stuck marshmallows on the bowl with frosting.



Riding in the Rental Car

I was rear-ended in of all places, the car rider line at school!  It was not any major damage, but it was enough to need repair.  So, we had a rental car for 5 days.  The kids enjoyed the mini-van.  It was reallly nice to have the automatic sliding doors.  They even made up a song. . . "Riding in the rental car Ya ya ya!"  They would sing this as we were riding down the road.  :-)

Fleegle - The Elf

Fleegle, the elf, made his debut this year. Here are some of his latest hiding places. Sterling really has enjoyed looking for Fleegle every morning!  I will try to post more soon.




Thanksgiving Day

We spent Thanksgiving Day at my parent's house.


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