Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a little behind . . .

OK, I'm a little behind. We just seem to be so busy lately, and the holidays are right around the corner. I did get the photos taken and the Christmas cards ordered. And, I got some Christmas shopping done yesterday (online). I think most of my purchases will be online this year. I just don't feel like dealing with crowds. And, most merchants have some sort of shipping deal. Here's the list for the kiddos:
Avery -
Nintendo DS Lite
3 Games for Nintendo
Bicycle (she outgrew her little 12" bicycle. I just can't stand to see her ride it anymore
Digital Camera (something inexpesive, but pink)
Candyland board game (her request)

Sterling -
Leapster2 (I hope he will enjoy this and is not too little).
Thomas game for Leapster
Tool Bench with tools
Lil' Quad motorized Bike

I also might pick up a few smaller items at Target (stocking stuffers, etc.)

My Christmas gifts are on the way. We just purchased new office furniture and living room furniture. I'm so excited. I can't wait for it to get here. We've also been busy hanging new ceiling fans and light fixtures. We finally hung Sterling's baseball fan that we bought last year. Sterling is so proud of his new fan. Now, if only he would sleep in his room! We are still debating changing the fan in the family room and entryway. The only issue with those is scaffolding would have to be rented and its sort of a pain. But, those lights are so ugly. Also, we broke 2 of the light bulbs inside the fan, so we only have two lights that light up. It looks really attractive! But, what can you do--it's way to high to reach even with a ladder. I'll try to add some pictures of the furniture. I'll definately add some when we get the rooms all ready.

Oh, I've also been busy getting the baby's room ready. I sure hope we get the room painted this weekend. I'm so ready to start setting up. I have started buying diapers. And, the bedding has arrived from Pottery Barn. I went with the Kasey Navy. I am 29 weeks now!! And, drinking water has really helped with my swelling and achy joints. My blood pressure also seems to be holding steady too. It won't be long now.

Here's a picture of Avery at her school 50's day. Doesn't she look cute!!

And, here's a picture of Big Boy Sterling!

Also, I just posted Halloween pictures. Whew! I think I'm caught up. Kind of, I'm sure I forgot something.

Happy Halloween!

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