Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pregnancy Cravings

People have been asking me lately what I am craving. Well, here they are. Every morning I mix Cherry 7-up and Orange Juice. It is so good! Thankfully I have cut out all caffeine (except the occasional chocolate).

I also love Smartfoods White Cheddar popcorn. Yummy! If only your fingers didn't get so dirty.

And, of course, I am also craving any kind of baked goods. So So Bad! It was awful having all that birthday cake in the house this weekend.

Sterling's 3rd Birthday

Wow Wow Wubbzy!! We celebrated Sterling's birthday this past Saturday (a little early). His real birthday is December 21.

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Visit to Santa with Pa

My dad took Avery and Sterling to his company Christmas party (for children) on Saturday before Sterling's birthday party. They had a great time--received a present from Santa, made a cute snowman out of a sock, and had some goodies. Here they are before they left.

Christmas Cards

Whew! 289 Christmas Cards are in the mail. I'm so glad they are done. I do love this tradition--especially receiving pictures of family and friends. I did a Christmas letter several years ago, but just haven't taken the time in the past couple of years. Most of the cards (184) I sent out are for our business customers. I still think it's nice to pass on good cheer during the holiday season and let our customers know we appreciate them.

Also, I ran out of Christmas stamps at the end of our personal family cards. I sent Juan to the post office and he came back with Liberty Bell stamps. I really wanted Christmas stamsp, but I guess they will do just fine. Oh well. He said he had never bought stamps before.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Decor

I was trying to go "light" this year on the Christmas decorations because I'm getting bigger everyday and just don't want to think about having to put them away when I'm even bigger. Here are pictures of the decor:

CHRISTMAS TREE - I need to try to take a better picture of the tree.

Every year since Juan and I have been married, my Aunt Karen has always given us an ornament. Here are pictures of some of my favorite ornaments (not all are from Aunt Karen, but many are):


Teddy Bear

Door Knocker with our name engraved (for our first home purchase that year) from Aunt Karen

Our First Christmas Together - 1997 (Year we were married) from Aunt Karen

Sugared Fruit - I have several of these in pears and apples.

Christmas Tree

Pretty Green Egg Shaped Ornament

Baby's 1st Christmas Book(Avery) - From Aunt Karen

Baby's 1st Christmas opened

SLAH Sacred Symbol Ornament

There are many more.





Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Tooth Fairy comes to visit . . .

Whew! I just finished playing the "tooth fairy." I was a nervous wreck afraid that Avery would wake up. She was so excited that the tooth fairy was coming, and I didn't want to spoil it for her. It all started over Thanksgiving weekend--my mom discovered that she had 2 permanent teeth coming in behind her cute little baby teeth. I can't believe I hadn't noticed them before or she didn't say anything.

Avery has always been upset that she hasn't lost any teeth (and some of her friends have). Well, she ended up at the dentist yesterday and had to have 2 pulled. I kind of thought they would have taken the other 2 beside, but our dentist didn't think they needed to be pulled. She did say that her tongue should push the new teeth forward. I hope so or we are going to need some serious braces! Her are pictures:



And, here is Avery's sweet letter to the Tooth Fairy:

Merry Chrismis
Hi from Avery!
Hope you like my first teeth!
Can you ask my mom for a picture of you!
I have a tooth fairy pillow so you can go!
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