Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease / Strep Throat

Sunday morning after church, we picked up the kids from my parent's house.  Ian was very clingy, and my mom said he was very grouchy all weekend and didn't eat much.  And, she thought he might have had a fever on Friday night.  I noticed he had a bunch of bites (or what I thought) were ant bites all over his feet, hands, and legs.  He kept complaining that his feet hurt.  He was miserable all day Sunday and into the night.  The rash was spreading all over his little body.  They are turning into little blisters, and he is very itchy.  He would not sit still very long for me to get good pictures. . .

 Blisters near his mouth / chin


We began preparing for Avery to go to camp on Monday.  She was all packed and ready to go.  But, in the night she woke up with a horrible headache and fever.

So, we headed to the pediatrician on Monday for Avery and Ian's appointment.  While we were there, Sterling started complaining his throat hurt.  Turns out that Avery and Sterling both have strep throat.  And, Ian has hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Ian's is a viral infection that just has to run its course.  The pediatrician said the rash can last for 7 days, and he is contagious.  And just as we were returning from the doctor and entering the neighborhood, Sterling started throwing up.  Avery later threw up, but I think it was from the antibiotic.

So, we are stuck at the house and sadly, Avery is missing camp.  She was so looking forward to going to camp with her friend, Taylor.  The camp offered to reschedule for next week, but Avery is not comfortable going by herself.  I feel very bad for Avery. . .her birthday did not turn out as planned, and now this.  I told her that maybe we could do a mother/daughter camp in the fall.

Here is a picture of what our living room has looked like the last couple of days. . .Avery and Sterling asleep, and Ian starting to feel better.

Mr. & Mrs. F

For the first time in a very long time, Juan and I spent the weekend without the kids.  The kids spent the weekend with their grandparents.

Juan and I had a wonderful dinner Friday night at Perry's.  We had made reservations and the waiter kept calling us Mr. & Mrs. F.  Juan pulled a joke on the waiter and told him we weren't married and that I wasn't Mrs. F.  He tried telling him we were on a first date!  He started apologizing for assuming, and then we laughed.  The food was delicious.  We had Calamari for our appetizer.  Juan had the Surf & Turf (steak & lobster tail) and I had pecan crusted salmon.  We did not have dessert, but we each had a latte.  Very yummy food!

After dinner, we went to the movies and watched a very crazy movie, "Bad Teacher".  It was silly, but funny!

Saturday, I spent most of the day by myself.  I got my hair cut and Summer highlights.  It was nice to have a little time to ourselves, but we did miss our kids.  It was sure quiet around here, and the house stayed clean!

San Antonio - July 2011

We took our annual summer trip to San Antonio.

ON THE ROAD - The kids complain about the cramped space in dad's company car, but we save on gas!

We drove into San Antonio on Monday morning and stopped at the RiverWalk.  We had lunch and walked around a little.

We stayed at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort for the first time. We had fun, but we will be going back to the Wild Oak.  We just had a much better experience at the Wild Oak, especially for the money.  We spent most of our time at the pool / river.  Avery, Sterling, and Ian had a blast going around the slow "river".  It was perfect for kids--not too fast or rough.


The kids also had a blast rolling down the hills of the golf course one evening.

Unfortunately, I did not get that many pictures.  I even took my "good" camera and did not take one picture with it!  What a waste!

Here's our attempt at a family picture (with the timer on the camera)--not very centered.  This was right before we checked out.  We had a great time!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We went to a local mall to watch the fireworks on the 4th.  Avery, Sterling, and Ian enjoyed watching the fireworks. 

And, I played around with the settings on my camera--I had never taken fireworks pictures before.  I didn't get the greatest pictures.  I really need a different lens and tripod, but I did learn how to adjust the settings on my camera and was able to try different shutter speeds, etc.

 Ian would laugh every time a firework went off.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Roughing It - Camping

We took a camping trip this past weekend with my parents.  I'm not sure what we were thinking--it was SO HOT!

We stayed at a park that had "cabins" that you could rent for the night.  It's basically a screened in shelter with bunk beds.  There was electricity, a hose bib, and a community bathroom down the road.  We brought fans, and there is a ceiling fan with a light.

The beds were SO hard on your back.  We really needed air mattresses, but the kids didn't seem to mind--all but Ian that is.  He had a hard time going to sleep, and he woke up at 3:00 a.m. telling me, "Ready to go, I'm hot."

The cabin from the road

You can barely see the lake from the cabin.  The kids went swimming--the water was so warm (I did not like swimming in it.).  They also tried fishing with Pa, but no fish were caught.  I think the water was too hot for the fish.

 Getting ready to roast marshmellows

UH OH, Burn ban in Effect

So, we improvised!

The woods - I did not sleep very well at all.  Between the hard bed, and some creature walking outside our cabin (I could hear the leaves crunching), cats were fighting, and the neighbors next to my parent's cabin, there was not much sleep. 

Forgotten Camera & Pictures

I dug out my Point and Shoot camera to take on our camping trip. And, I was treated to some surprise pictures when loading the camping pictures. This first group of pictures is from Yoselin's Quinceanera last December. I had forgotten all about the pictures--there are actually pictures of ME!  And, I like this picture of Juan and I. 

Trying to take a family picture--Sterling and Ian are obviously not cooperating.

These pictures were also on the camera.  We took a trip to San Antonio last New Year's Eve and stayed at a fun resort.  We are hoping to go back this summer when we can actually swim.  They have an indoor pool, but Avery had just broken both of her arms.

Juan, Sterling and Avery all went bike riding.  They did not have a bike that Ian could ride (and I had a headache), so we walked around and took a few pictures.  Avery rode a bike with training wheels for extra safety.  :)

Here is Ian taking a bubble bath!  I wish I would have taken a better picture of the whole bathroom--it was one of my favorite parts of the resort.

Getting ready to check out!

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