Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slow & Not So Steady

Ian is slowly starting to walk.  The video above is him trying to walk at Avery's soccer game.  He still would much rather crawl, but he is getting there.

Ian is starting to eat more table foods.  He is a big meat eater.  He will eat any meat that I give him (cut up into little pieces). 

He also has started say a couple of words.  He says "shoes".  And, the usual "mama" and "dada".  But, the funny thing he does when I ask him if he wants water or something or any question, he responds with something that sounds like, "I do" or just "do".  He also shakes his head when he says it.

Soccer Soccer and more Soccer

Avery and Sterling both started playing soccer.  We were a little surprised that Avery wanted to play this year.  She played previously, but said she didn’t like it.  So far, she really seems to like playing.  Now our Saturdays are filled with soccer games.

Sterling – The Team Captain (so proud of his Captain sticker!)




I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture above, but he is still clutching the Captain sticker!



Avery – Finally getting to play goalie!  She was so excited.




Sterling slept through most of Avery’s game!


We also bought season tickets to the Houston Dynamo, and most of the games are on Saturday.  It’s going to be one long soccer season.


Little Pudding Man

All was quiet one afternoon a couple of weeks ago.  I was working away in the office.  I am so happy that I am almost through with all my tax stuff and reports for this agency or that.  I am so sick of deadlines.  Anyway, I thought, “Ian sure is playing well.”  Usually he’s right at my feet begging to be held.  It was almost time to go pick up Avery at school.  So, into the kitchen I went, and found this little man!

ianpudding 003 (2)

Pudding was everywhere.  Ian was covered from head to toe.  I scared him with my reaction—he started crying.  At first I didn’t know what it was—I forgot that Sterling had pudding for lunch that he left on the table.

ianpudding 002

So, he ended up in the tub, and we were a little late picking up Avery.

ianpudding 011

Easter – 2010

After church on Easter Sunday, we headed to my mom’s house to have lunch and visit with my Aunt Ruthie, Aunt Irene, Uncle Mike, and friends.  The kids enjoyed hunting eggs, silly string, water guns, and playing outside.  These were not the best activities for their Easter dress clothes, but oh well (that’s what stain remover is for – right?), they had fun!

Sterling’s Easter Party


Sterling had a fun Easter party with his classmates.  They enjoyed yummy treats, an egg hunt, and made a craft.  He was smiling the entire party (and in every picture!).  Even Ian had a great time.  And, I was happy to get such a cute picture of my boys!

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