Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Reunion

We had our annual family reunion this past Memorial Day Weekend.  We headed to Austin on Saturday afternoon to meet up with my cousins and their girls from Dallas and Austin.  Avery and Sterling love hanging out with their cousins, Chandler and Taylor.  They even had a sleepover in one of the hotel rooms.  Sterling tried to have a sleepover, too; but, he got kind of sad when it was bedtime, so he ended up back in our room.

There was a great turnout of family.  There were 16 of the 17 brothers and sisters in attendance and lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren.



It is so HOT, I'm really not sure why we have it this time of year, but oh well.  It was great to see and visit with everyone.

End of Soccer Season

Avery and Sterling finished up the soccer season.  It is getting too hot to play, so I'm glad it's over for now.  As the Team Manager for Sterling's team, we got to take a free picture together.

We were able to make Sterling's end of season party; however, we missed Avery's party due to the Family Reunion.  Here is Sterling getting his trophy (the lighting was terrible, but the pizza was delicious--check out his face).

I bought this "cupcake cake" - cupcakes made to look like a regular cake.  It was very messy to pull apart, but the kids enjoyed it.  I think next time I'll just get a regular cake or cupcakes.

School's Out!

Avery is officially done with 2nd grade! It is so hard to believe that she is halfway through her Elementary years. The picture above is her on Award's Day receiving her awards from Ms. P. Avery loved having Ms. P as a teacher this year. Ms. P made a comment on each student when she was giving out the awards. She described Avery as someone who always came to school with a smile and ready to learn. She said Avery does very well in all subjects! She is great at Math, Spelling, and a great reader. I am very proud of Avery. She did wonderful this year and is now moving on to 3rd grade!
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Friday, May 21, 2010

End of the Year Party & Program - Sterling



Sterling had his last day of preschool and program.  I really wish I had been able to record the program.  I am hoping to get a copy from one of the other parents.  Sterling sang extremely loud, and of course he was right by the microphone.  The entire crowd was laughing, so that encouraged him to get even louder.  He loved it!  I was laughing so hard--I was in tears at the end of his song.  He was such a little “rock star”.  I’m not sure where all this came from (maybe it was the tie!), but he really loved to perform.

 007 008 014

His sweet friend Victoria!


Wonderful teachers – Ms. Carol and Ms. Danielle!


034 031

Zoo Field Trip – Avery

Since Ian was born, I have not been able to do much with Avery at school.  Thankfully, my mom took care of Ian and Sterling last Friday while I was a chaperone on Avery’s class field trip.  We went to the zoo.  It was hot, but lots of fun.  



Avery holding her nose!  It stinks! :-)



The baby elephant was born a week and a half before we were there.  He was sleeping on the ground, and his parents were “standing guard”.

065 106 080 088 103 105

Water Day! - Sterling

It’s that time of year. . .the school year is winding down.  Sterling’s preschool had a fun water day last week.  There was lots of shaving cream, fun, and of course—water!  Even the teachers got into the fun.

016 009 011  0242026 

MMMM!  This is soooo good Mom!  Ian ate the whole ice pop!

029 030 035

Sterling showing off his “muscles”!


2nd Grade Musical - Avery

I’m finally getting around to posting pictures from Avery’s 2nd Grade Musical, “It’s a Jungle Out There”.  She and her classmates did a great job!  Avery was a rhino, which is also the school mascot.

026  025


Ian – riding the rhino outside the school.

036 034

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slow & Not So Steady

Ian is slowly starting to walk.  The video above is him trying to walk at Avery's soccer game.  He still would much rather crawl, but he is getting there.

Ian is starting to eat more table foods.  He is a big meat eater.  He will eat any meat that I give him (cut up into little pieces). 

He also has started say a couple of words.  He says "shoes".  And, the usual "mama" and "dada".  But, the funny thing he does when I ask him if he wants water or something or any question, he responds with something that sounds like, "I do" or just "do".  He also shakes his head when he says it.

Soccer Soccer and more Soccer

Avery and Sterling both started playing soccer.  We were a little surprised that Avery wanted to play this year.  She played previously, but said she didn’t like it.  So far, she really seems to like playing.  Now our Saturdays are filled with soccer games.

Sterling – The Team Captain (so proud of his Captain sticker!)




I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture above, but he is still clutching the Captain sticker!



Avery – Finally getting to play goalie!  She was so excited.




Sterling slept through most of Avery’s game!


We also bought season tickets to the Houston Dynamo, and most of the games are on Saturday.  It’s going to be one long soccer season.


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