Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Update

Here is a quick update on the pregnancy. I am actually starting to feel better. I am not as tired as I used to be. I had a doctor's visit on Friday, August 22. I am 15 weeks. Heartbeat sounded great, and 4 vials of blood were drawn for testing. Everything is progressing well. I can't wait to find out the sex!!! I don't even have any guesses??


Boy the summer sure has flown by! I didn't even have time to add any new posts. So, this is my attempt to try to fill in on the summer events. I will try to post the pictures shortly.

Vacation - June 23 to June 28: We took a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was a lot of fun, but not exactly what we thought. We did not do the all-inclusive package, so we were on our own as far as food. Food and bottled water were very expensive. Breakfast buffet was $22.00 / person & a liter of Evian at the hotel was $10.00! Avery and Sterling had a lot of fun at the beach and pool. It was very pretty, and it was great to get away!

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Fourth of July - We went to the neighborhood parade. Sterling loved it! Avery and Sterling each got tattoos. We then went to Columbus and had dinner and watched the fireworks.

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July 12 - We had a small gathering of school friends over to celebrate Avery's 6th birthday. The girls all painted their own ladybug bank. We also enjoyed "ladybug" treats and opened presents.

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July 14-18 - Avery had a wonderful experience at Vacation Bible School. She really did enjoy herself and learned about Jesus. She can't wait to go next year. And, Sterling is ready, too!

August 6-7 - Juan was on vacation this week. We spent the night in San Marcos. We had a nice dinner and did a little shopping at the outlets. The following day we spent at Schlitterbahn. It really was a lot of fun. They had a lot of stuff even for little children. Schlitterbahn has grown so much since I was there years ago. We definately plan on going back.

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