Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School - Avery

I can't believe it is Avery's first day of school again. Now she is a big 2nd grader. I don't feel as sad when I dropped her off for Kindergarten. But, Sterling had a hard time leaving her at school this morning. He had huge tears rolling down his face when we were walking out of the school. He misses his big sister, playmate, and best friend. I'm sure he will make friends when he starts preschool in a couple of weeks.

I found this wonderful prayer at Darla's blog:

Things to pray:

1) Your child's teacher - They spend a significant amount of time with your child and have an enormous influence on their year. Pray that they have a Christ-like heart and a love for children.

2) Your child's friends - Pray that they are kind and loving. Pray that your child can share Jesus with them if they don't already know Christ.

3) Your child's academics - Schoolwork loses it's luster for some children after a time. Pray that your child will love learning this year and absorb all that's required of them. Ask that this love of learning never cease.

4) Safety at your school - We live in an unpredictable world. Pray for safety on your child's campus and safety for all of the schools in our country.

5) Pray for your Principal/School Leaders - Decisions made by Principals and School Leaders have an incredible impact on our area. Ask that decisions be made in the best interest of all and that single agendas be left to the wayside. Pray for protection over these leaders and for their courage when standing up for Christian values.

6) Yourself - Pray that you, as the parent, will make wise decisions regarding your child's education - academic and spiritual. Ask for guidance and for strength as you guide your child through this year.

These are wonderful reminders to pray for on the first day of school and every day for that matter. As Avery is getting older, I find myself wondering if other kids are nice to her. I think my biggest worry is that there will be mean kids or someone will hurt her feelings. I know she is in HIS hands, and Juan and I have tried to teach her what is best and the most important things. My biggest prayer is that Avery will encounter kind friends and school mates. I hope she will continue to be self confident and grow into the beautiful little lady that she is.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Toes in the Sand - Galveston

We spent the past weekend in Galveston with my parents. I'm not sure what I was thinking in planning two trips back to back and the weekend before school at that, but it was a great trip. We all had a great time together in adjoining rooms. This was a big thrill for Sterling and Avery. We stayed at the Moody Gardens Hotel, and went to Moody Gardens on Saturday. We all really enjoyed watching the penguins at the Aquarium and seeing all the neat fish and sea creatures. We also went to the Rainforest Pyramid at Moody. The Rainforest Pyramid was destroyed by Hurricane Ike, but they have since repaired it.

It was very hot on Saturday, so we didn't hit the beach until Saturday evening. This had to be a highlight for everyone. I especially loved watching Ian. He was SO excited. He was actually squealing and kicking his legs. He loved watching the waves and putting his toes in the sand.

After the beach, we headed to Ben and Jerrys for some ice cream.

It was a fun trip, but my mom and I both agreed that we had no desire to ever return to Galveston. Every restaurant and restroom we went to was extremely filthy, even at the hotel.

Cheer Camp

Avery finished up summer with a cheer camp on Friday. She had fun learning new cheers with her friend, Grace. After the camp, they put on a show for the parents. I did not get the best photos from where I was sitting.

I love the shirt she got that says, "Cheerleaders for Christ." Avery really seems to like cheering, so we are going to try a cheer class this semester.

1 Timothy 4:12 - Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

Ian - 7 Months!

Ian is now 7 Months Old!

Ian likes. . .
To be held
Eskimo kisses
Bath time
Looking in the mirror
Looking at Avery and Sterling

Ian does NOT like. . .
Riding in the car - I still haven't figured this one out. There are times when we are in the car and he just screams. I've tried pacifiers, toys, rolling the window up and down. Ian just doesn't seem to like riding in the car at all. Maybe he wants a new car like mommy?
Baby food - We've tried all kinds of baby food, but Ian still does not seem interested in eating anything. Ian does like to nibble on a Melba cracker or chew on a spoon.

Ian is ready to crawl. He gets up on all fours, and rocks back and forth. He even slides backwards some. It won't be long, and I will be chasing after him.

Ian now has 2 bottom teeth. I love to see him smile with those cute little teeth and the rest just gums.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gaylord Texan

On our trip to Dallas, we stayed at The Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine. It really is a neat place that looks very similar to the Riverwalk inside the Atrium area, and it is all air conditioned! There are several restaurants and lots of activities.

138 145

085 087

075 076

127 130

133 136

088 091

146 148

150 149

151 152

The room was nothing spectacular, but we did have a nice view of Lake Grapevine. And, we were able to watch the Friday Night fireworks right from our room.

067 068

Outside the atrium is the pool and a vineyard area. We did go swimming on Saturday. The pool was crowded and very cold (for some reason). It was too cold for Ian (and me, too!).

070 073


They have a train display set up in the Atrium area. Sterling enjoyed looking at this.

080 082

083 084


Being silly and enjoying room service.098

We did enjoy a nice breakfast buffet both mornings. Here are some shots on the way to breakfast and at breakfast. Check out Mr. Mischievous!

116 115

119 121

Big D


On the road to Dallas . . .

006 003


I was very worried about Ian crying the whole way to Dallas. I was pleasantly surprised. We did leave very early Friday morning (he is a “morning person”), and I did sit next to him and tried to keep him entertained. Overall, he did very well and slept during a lot of the drive.

I like this picture of Sterling. I’m not sure what he was so upset about!?!

031 (2) 033 (2) 052


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