Friday, March 26, 2010


We tried to have a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom this past Saturday.  She would not leave the house, and the nasty rain and weather did not help.  So, she found out about her party before all the guests arrived. 

Even though the surprise was spoiled, it was still a great time with about 40 family and friends.  Also, we had planned to have a lot of the party outside, but with the weather, we had to move indoors.  It was COLD and windy!



I ordered this cake from a local bakery that I found online.  They had “rave” reviews and I liked the pictures online.  I ordered a white almond cake with raspberry filling.  It was delicious—better than my wedding cake!  I can’t wait to use them again!



Sterling and Avery had the best time playing with their 2nd cousins, Chandler and Taylor.  They can’t wait to see them again!  They all had fun playing with silly string.



Before / After

421 (2)


458 (2)


My two sweet boys have been sick.  Sterling recovered from his tonsillectomy.  It took two full weeks before he was starting to feel somewhat better.  And, it wasn’t long, and he was sick again with a nasty cough and ear infection.  He was really sick—all he wanted to do was lay on the couch or sleep.  I took him to the pediatrician two times last week.  He finally is starting to feel better after a round of steroids and antibiotics.  And, Juan and I can’t believe how much he is eating now.  He is eating like a horse!  He actually lost a few pounds with his tonsillectomy, so he’s a little on the skinny side.  He could stand to gain a few pounds.

And, then there is Mr. Ian.  He started getting sick just as Sterling was starting to feel better.  He had a nasty cough and ear infection, too.  He had such bad cough that he would throw up after coughing.  And, he was not interested in playing or smiling, which is so unlike him.  All he wanted to do is be held.  We have been to the pediatrician’s office three times this week. I think we’ve been to the pediatrician’s office more in the last two weeks than we have in the last year.  We had to give Ian breathing treatments, which he absolutely hates.  He screams and cries through the entire treatment.  I also tried to give him an antibiotic orally, but he would throw it up.  So, he’s had to have 2 shots of an antibiotic this week.  But, after his first shot, he started feeling better, which is the after picture.  He also slept through the night!

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